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One of my greatest pet peeves is when a character finds himself in a legitimately terrible and ugly situation and has trouble dealing with it like most people would, which is REALISTIC, and then some people reduce that character to a ‘pathetic weakling who is just weak’ and demand that the character become super badass at once, as in, they should easily be able to deal with that situation for some reason.

What the fuck? 

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I think “who was phone” in your Viktor Vasko voice would be hilarious, don’t you agree?


Apologies to Tracy Butler.  Everything about this is CLEARLY anachronistic, especially the term MAKING OUT, but shh, shh, that’s okay.

Viktor and Rocky are characters from the webcomic Lackadaisy, and if you haven’t read it, you really should.

The original creepypasta can be read along here.

I’m not quite sure what I just listened to, but it’s hilarious.